​​​​​​​Paradise Computer Club

(and Technology)

 General Meetings

We strive to provide the latest and greatest information for both PC and MAC users.
We use speakers, from the club, from the park, and from the Phoenix area. Meetings are held in the computer room at 9 AM twice monthly from November through March.  Saturday meetings are open to all residents of the Park.

What We Offer

Fiscal year is from Oct. 1st to Sept. 30th.

   Our membership dues are $15.00 per season per household.

That entitles you to not only our Sat. meetings but all the teaching classes ie. SIG Groups (Special Interest Groups) we hold each season.
All residents of Paradise are eligible to join the club, so pass the word on to your new neighbors.
If you move out of the park, you retain your membership until the end of your prepaid dues period.

Objectives:  Helping one another in a very supportive manner. Experts address larger groups. Smaller groups are encouraged for the members to exchange ideas and information, and to ensure a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The Apple Group:

is a standing SIG which meets each Friday at 9:30 am in the computer room.  The SIG schedule is posted on the Club Bulletin Board in the hall, outside the computer room and on the website. Paid membership in the club is required to attend a SIG.


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) -

 are smaller groups which provide an environment for free interchange of ideas and information. These can be in the format of specific devices, specific topics, or class instruction. Members are encouraged to bring their laptops or devices when applicable.
check the SIG Page.​

Assistance: – One-on-one assistance may be available, via volunteers.