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​APCUG Discount for Member Groups
Thank you for forwarding this discount information to your members.
20% off the premiere Windows file search utility from Mythicsoft: FileLocator Pro.  https://www.mythicsoft.com/

The discount is available through January 31, 2019.
Access the discount at: http://secure.mythicsoft.com/fastspring.aspx?item=flpro_apcug_offer
Thanks to Gabe Goldberg, Region 2 Advisor, for negotiating this discount for APCUG. He has used the program for many years and recently gave a hands-on demo to his group, PATACS (Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society).
FileLocator Pro ($49.95) and Agent Ransack, the lite (free) near-twin-brother file-find utilities, greatly surpass Windows' native tools: they're faster, friendlier, more flexible, and more accurate. They offer many tasty features. For example...
1) They display file lines containing your search string with their filenames: much more useful than displaying only filenames!
2) They can search multiple unrelated (non-nested) folders: much better than having to repeat searches!
3) They can save and reuse search criteria. So if you ever repeat file searches -- for example, to find all files containing your family name -- you'll save time.
4) They allow saving and printing lists of files found: very helpful if a file search is the first step in a larger process which manipulates found files.
5) Both provide basic and expert interfaces. This choice allows using only simple search functions or enabling more detailed search criteria.
6) The programmer's tool "regular expressions" provides a more powerful wildcard notation than "*" for specifying matching search strings and filenames.
Big brother FileLocator Pro -- whose registration cost includes a year of updates -- adds features: it searches additional filetypes (PDF, ZIP, etc.); it displays found file lines as they appear in the file, with customizable numbers of lines above and below each one; it allows immediate inspection of found files with a built-in viewer or tailorable external editor; it provides a detailed status line with found-file statistics; and it's programmable via scripting and plug-ins.
And while it's perhaps a little unfashionable, Gabe appreciates the 126-page FileLocator Pro manual. Full of screenshots illustrating basic and advanced facilities, it's a quick read revealing tips and nuggets that might otherwise be missed.
Until PCs can read our minds and do what we want without detailed instructions, tools like Agent Ransack and FileLocator Pro are great productivity enhancers.