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November 2016.  Sally Smith presented:
1.        Decrease your brightness 
2.        Select auto brightness 
3.        Turn off background “auto refresh” 
4.        Turn off mail “auto fetch”
5.        Turn off location services 
6.        Turn off Bluetooth 
7.        Turn off ‘push notifications” 
8.        Reduce (or delete) those apps that use a lot            of battery 
9.        Turn off vibrations 
10.     Turn off Wi-fi when not using it,           particularly when on long drives
11.   Charging your device in the “airplane                  mode” allows it to charge faster

PC Tips & Shortcuts for your Computer.

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​​​Google Earth. Presented by Loretta Rippee March 11, 2017

Google Earth is an extension of Google Maps that provides 3D navigation tools for most places in the world. It can search for places and provide preferred routes with time and mileages similarly to Google Maps, but it can also let you explore surrounding neighborhoods, travel the routes at street level to see roads and buildings you would pass, and “fly” to the next destination on a world globe.

Satellite pictures of the area you are viewing can have several kinds of “layers” turned on or off. These layers include roads, country, state and other geographic borders, weather and photos that have been associated with this location. 
Special tools within Google Earth include the ability to view previous satellite maps for some areas going back about 20 years. There are overlays for historical maps, ocean features such as shipwrecks, earthquake locations and much more.

Custom presentations that move between locations and add narrative and images and links can be built to document trips or birthplaces or any other geographic based information. 

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 DNA Testing.

 presented by Loretta & Margie  ​Feb.11, 2017

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Windows 10 Jargon Buster

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