Paradise Computer Club

Minutes from Meetings

February 26, 2017

Dan Buell called the meeting to order at 9:0am.  He welcomed everyone and asked if there were any new members.  No new members in attendance but several visitors.  Ben Robinson’s family members:  Jen Robinson (Grandma) lives in Park and also in attendance his Mother and Dad and Grandpa Marc Smith.  

Dan shared the minutes are on the Computer Website and also on the Bulletin Board in the hallway should anyone want to read them.

Donna Blanchette  gave the Treasurer’s report:  Set up $20; Yearly Fees were $91.50. Beginning Balance: $7,809.96; Float  of $50.00 with Ending Balance of $7,859.96.

Jan Lysne said we have 46 members.

All the above information (minutes; and treasury report) as well as Programs and SIGs are all posted on the Computer Club Bulletin Board and Web Site.  Anne said she is in the midst of changing to online Webinar.

Nominations of Elections
Sally Smith said we still need one person to complete our election slate:  Secretary.  Sally said she will continue to call the membership. Also needed is a Program Chairman.   All other Board members said they will stay another year:; President Dan; Past President, Sally; VP, Loretta Rippee; Treasurer, Donna Blanchette; IT Techs Dennis Donner and Dayton Baraw; Membership, Jan Lysne; SIG Coordinator: Sherry Woolcott; and Web Master, Anne Peabody.

Elections will be at our business meeting next month.                 

Programs for March:
3/11/17                    TBD             

3/25/16                    Les Blodgett, TBD  

SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

             Wednesday          Genealogy                                   10:30 am

             Friday                   IPhone/IPad                              9:30am

             Saturday               Facebook     2/3/17   9:00am

Dan introduced Ben Robinson sharing Computing Safety--:Amazon Echo and Passwords, Problems, Not Solutions.     

Motion to adjourn meeting by Sally and seconded by Rita at 9:10am

Judy Kimes, Secretary

March 3, 2017

Dan Buell opened the meeting at 3:01pm.  Those in attendance were:  Dan Buell, Sally Smith, Loretta Rippee, Judy Kimes, Dennis Downer; Dayton Baraw; and Donna Banchette.   Jan Lysne and Anne Peabody were unable to attend.
Minutes approved as posted on Computer Board.

Treasurer’s Report:  $8,112.70 with additional $50.00 float for a total of $8,162.70.  Moved and seconded report approved.  (This information was updated by Donna after our Board meeting.)

Membership Report:   47 members per our treasurer, Donna.

Old Business:
No report on Resident Association Advisory Council Meeting since Jan is not in attendance today.

Old Business:
Nominating Committee:  Dan announced that Valerie Miller at unit 704, has agreed to running for Secretary.  Her phone number is (719) 466-1049.  She is from Colorado.  He asked the Board to give her a call.  We are still in need of a SIG Program and Program Coordinator.  It was suggested to have one person do both jobs.

New Business:
We had a discussion about disbanding our Club.  Our membership is down for our meetings.  Last year we changed our meetings from every Saturday to the second and fourth.  We also added more programs on Wednesdays.  Genealogy ends the end of March.  Sally said she has had about 8 people in attendance for IPhone/IPad.  It was decided to wait till next January and see how many people join our Club.

Question asked:  Will it be necessary to have someone run the computer in the summer months?  Carolyn Young did it last year.

Upcoming Programs:  Sally reported our upcoming programs as follows:

3/11/17    Sally Smith/Loretta Rippee,   Google Maps & Google Earth  

3/25/17     Les Blodgette,    Remote Tech Service.           

SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

Wednesday         Genealogy       10:30am

 Friday              IPhone/IPad        9:30am

Our annual business meeting is Saturday, March 11, 2017.  Dennis Donner said he will not be in attendance.  Our last meeting of the year is Saturday, March 25, 2017.
Meeting was adjourned by Dan at approximately 3:40pm.

Judy Kimes