​​​​​​​Paradise Computer Club

(and Technology)

Proposed Topics for 2019 Presentations

We need your input!

Your Computer Club would like feedback from our Members.

The Executive Board has been brainstorming some topics for presentation at General Meetings in 2019.  Let us know which topics below (or any other topics) that you would be interested in.

Members suggestions for topics are always welcome and if any Members have know-how in these topics or any other topics, please come to our meetings and let us know and perhaps we can work it into a presentation.

  1. Scan and Go Apps for Shopping
  2. Free tech upgrades - storage, software, ebooks, etc.
  3. New car automated safety features
  4. The connected car e.g. Verizon Hum
  5. Options for cutting the cord
  6. Hearing aids with Bluetooth
  7. Additional ways to use your smart speakers
  8. Reducing your smartphone bills
  9. Controlling your private information
  10. Keeping ads from following you online
  11. Online resources and shortcuts
  12. GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program
  13. Traffic Apps
  14. Outwitting Hackers
  15. Facebook
  16. Selling on ebay